The Bears on The Chief!

The Bears on The Chief!

Chicago Bears football on 92.5 The Chief is brought to you by Rosati’s Pizza, Wright Motor Company North in Danville, Eastland Suites and Conference Center, and Catlin Bank.

2014 Schedule


WEEK 1:                SEP 7 12:00PMCDT     BILLS  (loss: Bills 23 – Bears 20)

WEEK 2:                SEP 14 7:30PMCDT ‘  AT   49ERS  (WIN: Bears 28 – 49ers 20)

WEEK 3:                SEP 22 7:30PMCDT +  AT   JETS  (WIN: Bears 27 – Jets 19)

WEEK 4:                SEP 28 12:00PMCDT     PACKERS

WEEK 5:                OCT 5 12:00PMCDT   AT   PANTHERS

WEEK 6:                OCT 12 12:00PMCDT   AT   FALCONS

WEEK 7:                OCT 19 12:00PMCDT *    DOLPHINS

WEEK 8:                OCT 26 12:00PMCDT   AT   PATRIOTS

WEEK 9:                BYE

WEEK 10:             NOV 9 7:30PMCST ‘  AT   PACKERS

WEEK 11:             NOV 16 12:00PMCST     VIKINGS

WEEK 12:             NOV 23 12:00PMCST     BUCCANEERS

WEEK 13:             NOV 27 11:30AMCST *  AT   LIONS

WEEK 14:             DEC 4 7:25PMCST ,    COWBOYS

WEEK 15:             DEC 15 7:30PMCST +    SAINTS

WEEK 16:             DEC 21 12:00PMCST     LIONS

WEEK 17:             DEC 28 12:00PMCST   AT   VIKINGS

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