Saturday, June 21, 201406/21/2014

These “New” movies look awfully familiar…

Suddenly 2016 already looks familiar.

Alarm Clock

Tuesday, June 17, 201406/17/2014

Me and My Snooze Alarm

I may be dating my alarm clock.


Monday, June 16, 201406/16/2014

Eat This!

That sounds good enough to eat!

bad parkour

Wednesday, June 11, 201406/11/2014

Parkour for the rest of us

Finally, you can look as cool as you feel.


Monday, May 19, 201405/19/2014

Sasquatch? Is that you?

Mysterious black dot could be Sasquatch!


Wednesday, May 14, 201405/14/2014

Nikki Benz: Adult Film Star/Toronto Mayoral Candidate

Adult Entertainer to Canadian Mayor? Could happen.

Rabbit Eating Raspberries

Monday, May 12, 201405/12/2014

This has over 6 Million views.

Cute or deadly? You be the judge.

Bill Engvall

Wednesday, April 30, 201404/30/2014

Bill Engvall

Bill Engvall calls into the the show.

Body Dryer

Wednesday, April 16, 201404/16/2014

I Kind of Want This

So this doo hickey is called the Body Dryer. ¬†As it’s name suggests, it dries your body, in as little…

Dustin Pari2

Wednesday, April 9, 201404/09/2014

Dustin Pari: Paranormal Rockstar

Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters and GHI

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